My recent session

So, not so much of a sneak peak here. But this is a recent session of a couple of cuties. One just happens to be my daughter and the other is the daughter of one of my best friends. We had to go out and shoot in these adorable new “petti’s” that I bought. I think they’re so cute and add so much of a “girly girl” feel. Plus I thought these two totally acted like sisters! They were holding hands, then arguing, then giggling the whole time! Back and forth, back and forth…just like sisters do!

So, just had to share these. I’ll be shooting some more adorable kids on Sunday (10/19) at Baby Loves Disco. This is such a fun event! This month, it’s at the Crofoot in Pontiac from 1-4 pm. Come and see me!

Until next time,

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