Frameable Fun with the G’s!

We’ve been photographing this family since before they were a family!  M was one of Ally’s first subjects when she went back to school to study photography.  They’re like family to us here and we always welcome a session with them whenever they ask.  The fact that they’re insanely photogenic doesn’t hurt either!!Family Photography

The “reason” behind the timing of this photo session was that “R” was getting braces the very next day, and M and T wanted a fun family photo session before she got them.  🙂
Ally loved getting some of the fun “interactive” poses with T and B and the sweet, loving mom and daughter poses with M and R, too.  But when the kids got together in their poses, everyone ended up collapsing with laughter.  Those two could have each other in a headlock one second and pull out the best, most amazing expressions in the next.  They’re just like our own kids – laughing and smiling in one moment but then they’ll switch modes on a dime and push each others buttons in the next!  The G family is one that we’ll claim as our own….whenever we’re around these guys, laughs are abundant, fun is obvious and great times are had!
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