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Senior Spokesmodeling With Sedona to Kickoff The Class of 2020!

It’s that time of year when we start photographing our new spokesmodel crew and it’s weird to say that the Class of 2020 is on its way!  Wow…  This is always a fun time for us because this is our team that we assemble each year to represent our studio and what better way to start it off than with Sedona whom we’ve known pretty much her whole life and some new backdrops in the studio!

Sedona Kicks of the 2020 Spokesmodels…

This isn’t Sedona’s first time on this blog either – we (our event photographer Angela) photographed her bat mitzvah a few years back and man does time fly.  She did a fantastic job on this session and she’ll be representing us at Walled Lake Northern High School.  So let’s get to the photos shall we?


This is the first of three backdrops we used for the first time on this day and we love the olive earth tones here with the burnt orange top – Sedona looks awesome!

We also have some behind the scenes fun too – we like for you to see how these go and catch the vibe if you will – we have fun here!  If you’re not having a little fun then what’s the point right?  First we have the Instagram Live replay…

Now let’s take a look at a couple more backdrops and outfits!


So cute!  Ripped jeans, barn door – got a little of that rustic country feel going!  Love the way that looks.


That white-washed wood is another new one and Sedona was slaying the game at this point!

Let’s get in one more behind the scenes vid for a little more fun this time from our Facebook Live:

We’ll leave you with this one on our black backdrop:


Just a nice simple pose to finish it off – Sedona is a rockstar!  And there you have it!  Look for more spokesmodels coming your way over the next couple of months – we are so excited for the 2020 crew!

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