An Incredible Photo Restored From 1922 – Over A Century Ago!

We love restoring old photos that people bring us – the stories we learn and being able to give them new life when we bring back the detail in a faded memory is just so rewarding!  This one was no exception.
When Diane brought this incredible 1922 photo (she’s pretty sure it was either ’22 or ’23) which included her dad and grandparents we were mesmerized.  What a photo!  But it was 100 years old and fading fast… 

An Incredible Photo Restored From 1922

Here’s the story of the photo from Diane:
“These were immigrants who came here (legally-lol) for a better life from Crni Lug, Croatia in the early 1900’s.  This picture was taken 1922-23 in Shingleton, Michigan.  The bride and groom are Josephine (Stimac) and Frank Lisak. The couple with the baby carriage are Joseph and Antonia Stimac.  The small boy in the carriage is my father Raymond.   Antonia died a year later from tuberculosis.  I received the picture which had been stored in a box for years.”
We are pretty pleased with the result – we were able to bring back most of the detail, clean up the damage and recover this incredible scene.  Take a look…
Just a fantastic moment in time over a century ago – recovered and restored!
Check your closets and shoeboxes and bring your history our way!
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