Totally Loving Talia On Our Class Of 2024 Spokesmodel Team!

Talia is awesome – we are totally loving having her on our team as part of the class of 2024 senior spokesmodel crew!  This rising senior-to-be at Frankel Jewish Academy was here for a fantastic photo session and if these spokesmodels are a sign of things to come the class of 2024 is going to crush it!!!!  Let’s get to some highlights!

Totally Loving Talia

We planned on spending all of our time in studio because the weather was not looking good.  Typically if there is definitely rain coming we’ll reschedule our seniors but with spokesmodels we can spend time in the studio playing with different backdrops, lighting etc.  So that’s how we started out:


The red paper backdrop is always a winner – love this photo!

Talia is also a bit of a sneakerhead and she brought a full suitcase of shoes – which we LOVE.


Okay she’s adorable.

We also have a little behind the scenes from the studio on Facebook:

At this point we could see that the bad weather was holding off and we saw a window to get outdoors for a few pics so we did!  Our seniors have the choice of studio, location or both which we will map out in our consultation before the session takes place.
While we can’t guarantee magnolias in bloom all year round, we can say that the natural look with pops of color can be stunning like this one above of Talia!
We also have more behind the scenes this time from Instagram:


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And we’ll leave you with this gorgeous closeup!
Totally loving Talia indeed!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!
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