Remy Represents Our Class Of 2024 Crew With Resplendence!

Pretty sure this is the first time we’ve used the word resplendence on this blog.  It’s what Remy represents in this fabulous spokesmodel session so it seems like the perfect time!  When you look it up you get “other words for resplendent” being radiant, dazzling, gorgeous and magnificent.  Yeah those are pretty good.

Thing is Remy is just such a sweetheart and she’s a legacy since we photographed her big sis Harper last year and we’ve known her for many years, so we knew we’d have a fun time with her and mom Elizabeth when we headed out for some pics of this soon-to-be-rising senior at Berkley High!  Let’s get to some highlights!

Remy Represents With Resplendence

We started in the studio which isn’t uncommon for many of our seniors – we offer either indoor, on location or a combination of both and we discuss it ahead of time with a consultation in our studio!

Remy Represents

We love this backdrop and Remy’s colors are perfect for it!  How adorable is she???

We changed backdrops here to the purple and we have some fun behind the scenes from Instagram (make sure to follow us there and you can tune in live to some of our photo sessions)!!!

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…and the result!

Remy Represents

Once again – great color coordination!  Resplendence!!!  😊

At this point we headed out on location where we had a beautiful day!

Remy Represents


We also have some more behind the scenes from Facebook.  Apologies in advance – the camera flip in Facebook (so any writing on clothing for example isn’t backwards) is pretty challenging.  Which is why……we usually don’t do it.  Lol!

Still fun though right?  Ha!  Okay Remy – say goodbye for now….

Remy Represents

Yes Remy represents this upcoming class in the very best way and we’re thrilled to have her on our team!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of her session and we are so excited for the class of 2024!

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