Allow Us To Rave About Rachel And Her Senior Pictures…

Allow us to Rave About Rachel for a few minutes please.  What an impressive young lady!  She’s just a beautiful person inside and out – smart, fun, outgoing, nice, a student athlete – the whole enchilada.  We just met her and her mom Lisa but our families have connections going back to our days at North Farmington so we felt like old friends immediately, and we had a phenomenal day together for Rachel’s session – one to remember for sure.  There’s a story in this one….

For starters, we were watching the weather forecast like a hawk because we thought there was supposed to be a chance of a storm.  But’s hourly forecast for Birmingham as late as 1:30 was showing around an 11% – 15% chance of precipitation for the hours of 3PM and on for the rest of the day – which from experience is pretty darn safe.  You know you’ll have great conditions…… 

Well around 2:30 the forecast suddenly changed to 58% chance of thunderstorms.  We were not happy.  But the hourly still showed that IF the storms came they’d taper off by 7 worst case, and at this point Rachel was already into getting her hair and makeup done so we still felt pretty confident that we should press on.

Allow Us To Rave About Rachel!

We started in the studio for this stunning pic:

Rave About Rachel


At this point we packed up to head to Birmingham.  And once we got outside to head North on Orchard Lake Rd. (detouring to Walnut Lake because of Maple construction) we saw that the sky ahead was BLACK.  Uh oh….

And sure enough sheets of rain with plenty of thunder and lightening ensued.  Now, we had all established that we could wait it out as long as we needed – no one had anywhere to be after.  But we couldn’t help being slightly nervous that this might not happen.  We couldn’t remember ever heading out to a senior session in a monsoon like this one… and I (Doug) actually tweeted at to give them a little “feedback” lol…  We know the weather changes but logic defies the idea that at 1:30 there was only an ELEVEN percent chance of any rain.  They blew this one.

We sat in our cars at the location waiting out the storm for about a half hour or so before we all decided we needed a midday coffee, so we went to the closest Starbucks and hung out for a little while which was actually great, and then lo and behold – the storm passed!  And not only did it pass, but it left perfect weather in its wake for us!

I knew it all along…. hehe.

So let’s goooooooooooo!  Check out these awesome highlights!

We even used a puddle for a reflection…. making lemonade out of a lemon!

Rave About Rachel  

We also have some fun behind the scenes first from Instagram:

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A post shared by Doug & Ally Cohen (@frameablefaces)


Rave About Rachel


And here’s a little more behind the scenes this time from Facebook:

And we’ll leave you with one more….

Rave About Rachel

Love it!!!  And now you know why we felt the need to rave about Rachel, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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