Cool Fall Colors With Chris and a Senior Session Snowboard!

The Pure Michigan Fall Colors have been stunning this season – that isn’t unique per se since they are always nice this time of year, but the colors have lasted a bit longer this year and the senior sessions have been spectacular.  Chris’s session is no exception!  He’s a Class of 2021 Laker from West Bloomfield High School and we got up and at ’em for a Saturday morning in Birmingham before we returned to the studio for a few pics with his snowboard.  Let’s take a look at the highlights!

Cool Colors With Chris and a Snowboard!

We’ll start with the location photos in Birmingham where we met Chris and his lovely mom Louise!

Stunning shot right?  Love the slight profile look…

We also have some fun behind the scenes first from Facebook Live:

Here are a couple more:

Nice!!!  Love that Pure Michigan look…

At this point we headed back to the studio to get a few indoors and that’s where Chris broke out the snowboard!  We have a little more behind the scenes from the studio on Instagram:


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@c.strehl had a great session of #SeniorPictures today!!! 🍂🙂🏂 #ClassOf2021

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…and the result!
So cool!
And there you have it – cool senior pics with the fall colors AND the snowboard!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Chris!
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