An Epic Senior Picture Journey With Jimmy In Detroit!

This had to be one of our favorite sessions of all time, and I’m not just saying that.  We did some stuff we haven’t done which was really fun (more on that later), and of course the people help make a session so when you put it all together it was an epic journey with Jimmy for sure!  Jimmy’s parents Dar and Jimmy are awesome – we laughed a lot on this session and Ally has known Dar for several years, but we hadn’t hung out with her hubby before and we all just clicked.  As for Jimmy the CC Shamrock class of 2021 senior, what a nice kid.  A student athlete and a pleasure to hang out with.  We started in the studio and then headed down to Detroit – check out these highlights:

Journey With Jimmy In Detroit

As I said we started in the studio so let’s do that before we head downtown…

Journey With Jimmy

Digging the long crop on that with the CC jersey and the flaming stick!  So cool – now as you probably know that’s not the stuff we hadn’t done before…

We also have some behind the scenes fun from Facebook:


At this point we headed to Detroit…..and we broke out the smoke grenades!!!!!

Journey With Jimmy

Okay how cool is the blue smoke with the blue letterjacket?  Even the street itself is cool… and of course the SENIOR is cool!

We hit a few more spots including Eastern Market:

Journey With Jimmy

And here are more behind the scenes this time from Instagram:


View this post on Instagram


Perfect day in #Detroit for #SeniorPictures with @jimmy.moreau8! 🙂🏙 @darmoreau

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And we’ll leave you with this one from an “undisclosed location” hehe…
Journey With Jimmy
Jimmy’s looking good in pink!  Okay let’s share the TikTok for fun, if nothing else because of Dar’s contribution…. lol
@frameablefacesJimmy’s ##SeniorPictures session was EPIC! 🏒💨💙🤍🏙🙂🔥 ##Detroit ##ClassOf2021 ##FrameableFaces ##MetroDetroit ##PhotoShoot ##Photography

♬ original sound – Frameable Faces

Love it!!!  An epic journey with Jimmy indeed and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!

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