Up And Adam! A GREAT morning in Detroit! See What We Did There?

Up and Adam!  That’s what we did on an early Friday morning with Noah & Ellen to head down to Eastern Market to photograph Adam for his senior pictures!  This is not the first time we’ve photographed this kid.  We were there for his bar mitzvah when our Angela captured his event, along with his brother Jesse’s and some earlier family pics too!  These guys are friends of ours going back almost 30 years, but I digress – this post is about Adam being a Class of 2021 Walled Lake Western senior and bringing his sense of style to the proceedings – we would expect nothing less from this dude!  So let’s get to it!

Up and Adam!


Adam is da man – he looks great!

Lots of colors with the murals in the market – like this one…


Love it!  We also have some fun behind the scenes first from Facebook:

One outfit change later, here’s another mural with our dude:


Love this guy’s style!  We also have a TikTok to share from the day…

@frameablefacesAdam’s ##SeniorPictures at ##EasternMarket were awesome! 🏙😎 ##ClassOf2021 ##WalledLakeWestern ##Detroit♬ original sound – Frameable Faces

And we’ll leave you with this one with the shades:
Okay we lied – one more “Year of 2020 Special” yearbook shot!  Classic….
Okay just kidding – that’s not actually going in the yearbook….  lol.
So there you have it!  We were “Up and Adam” in Detroit and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!
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