Mademoiselle Maddy Made Magic In A New Location For Us!

Mademoiselle Maddy made magic indeed at a spot we’ve never photographed, and what a spot it is!  Her senior session was a breath of fresh air – for starters she’s adorable, nice, an artist and wants to be a teacher!  She is a rising class of 2021 West Bloomfield High School senior and we actually went to high school with her dad Mike!  Her mom Angela, her stepmom Jennifer, just everyone involved in the planning were all pleasures to work with and it was Angela who joined us at Goldner Walsh Garden & Home in Pontiac for a beautiful day!  We did the entire session there except the yearbook headshot, and we can do future sessions there for a fee too!  So let’s get to the highlights!

Mademoiselle Maddy

The cool thing about this place is not only all the plants and flowers they have inside, but the very cool props they have outdoors – almost like a little amphitheater for events, a bridge – all kinds of things to work with such as this little structure below:

Mademoiselle Maddy

How beautiful is that – and she?

We have some behind the scenes from our day as well first from Facebook (although the signal gets a little shaky):

At this point we had an outfit change in our portable dressing room and went exploring a little – yes the place is that big and there is beauty everywhere…

Mademoiselle Maddy

Love it.

Here’s another with the same blue jumpsuit with a pretty trellis and great backlight:

Mademoiselle Maddy Here’s a another outfit and a couple more spots – we’re including an extra photo because this was a fantastic session and we want to show a little more of Goldner Walsh as well as Mademoiselle Maddy!

Mademoiselle Maddy

This one was indoors and we have behind the scenes highlights from this one from Instagram:


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Great day with @maddy.kosh at @goldnerwalsh for #SeniorPictures!!! Love love love this spot!🙂🌻 #ClassOf2021 #PontiacMichigan #SeniorPortraits #Photography

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We’ll leave you with this one against a wooden door that we love as well – this place is like a studio!
Mademoiselle Maddy
What a great pic to finish on – Mademoiselle Maddy made magic on this day indeed and we hope you enjoyed the highlights!
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