Alexandra Made Her Debut To The World At The Studio!

We have had a little run on newborns this year already, and we are looking forward to seeing them again safely for their 6 month sessions!  We fell in love with Kim the first time we met her at the studio and her hubby Adam whom we met when Kim returned with him and new addition Alexandra is a great guy too!  We really enjoyed having them at the studio for these wonderful newborn portraits!  We hope the highlights of the day Alexandra made her debut bring a smile to your face like they do ours!

Alexandra Made Her Debut

First we just captured a few of this angel asleep…

Alexandra Made

So precious!!!
Here’s some behind the scenes for you from Facebook Live!

And then the big teddy bear came out that they brought with…

Alexandra Made

How great is that photo???

Now for a closeup…

Alexandra Made

And we’ll leave you with one family portrait of the three of them!

Alexandra Made

And there you have it!  It was a wonderful day the day Alexandra made her debut, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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