Adrianna Leads The Way For The Senior Class of 2021 Spokesmodels!

Adrianna has been a part of the Frameable Faces studio since it opened in the Orchard Mall over 11 years ago!  You may recognize her as the adorable little girl in the big frame by our theater in the back of the studio…

…and now she’s a beautiful young lady and the first of our class of 2021 senior spokesmodels!  She even gave us a little side by side in the Facebook livestream you’ll see below which was so much fun!  So this is an exciting moment for us to kickoff the new class and a surreal one for us since it’s Adrianna!  She’s a West Bloomfield Laker and we’re so happy to have her back!  We did a little reminiscing with her mom Lillian when we sat down to plan, and she had a fantastic spokesmodel session!  These give us a chance to try out some new lighting techniques (as well as backdrops and locations as we move through the rest of our crew over the next few months) and Ally is still playing with her new camera.  Plus we use these images in all of our upcoming marketing for the next senior class which will be coming through the studio in just 4 short months from now!

Adrianna Leads The Way

So let’s get to it:

We started out on the white paper backdrop and sometimes the white on white looks very cool – especially with the ripped jeans! 

White on White


Adrianna was on her game!!!

Next we moved to the black backdrop and here we went black on black.  People sometimes are surprised when we tell them they can wear the white on the white or the black on the black assuming they’ll blend in, but if your lighting is great it looks fantastic.  We also want to give a shoutout to Caroline at Mandy Rose Studio for Adrianna’s makeup!  They do an awesome job over there.

AdriannaWe also have our first behind the scenes clip here from Facebook Live and this is the one where Adrianna gives us the “double take flashback”!   So much fun…

Next we moved to the fire red fabric backdrop which we love:


We have a little more behind the scenes fun here this time from Instagram Live:

We’ll leave you with one more on the red:


Wow – we’d say we’re off to an amazing start with Adrianna leading the way.  More to come with the rest of the crew so keep on the lookout, and make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and podcast!  All the links are below!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Adrianna!

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