Jessica Justifies Admiration With Sib4Sib and Senior Pictures!

Jessica justifies admiration for sure – we’ve been aware of Jessica for a quite a while, highlighting her group Sib4Sib on our newsletter a while back.  Now in doing her senior pictures we’ve gotten to know her more, and she’s a really special kid with a mission.  Sib4Sib is described this way in the about section at

  • Sib4Sib was founded in November, 2016 by a teen named Jessica Goldberg.  Jessica’s brother struggles with mental health.  For over ten years, she had dealt with the anger, frustration, and resentment that accompanies living with someone who struggles with mental health.  After searching for an outlet for her frustrations to no avail, Jessica decided to take matters into her own hands.  As a teen, Jessica made it a point to create a group that would make other teens feel safe and comfortable to share their stories. 

Wow right?  This girl is making a difference in the world.  Meanwhile she is a North Farmington Raider like us, and she is a lot of fun – she had an epic take on Mona Lisa for her student ID which cracked us up and we were looking forward to her senior session, so let’s get to a few highlights!

Jessica Justifies Admiration…

A shout out here goes to Lisa North for Jessica’s makeup – Jessica brought her to the studio early to do the makeup here and so we made another connection – Lisa is a sweetheart and did a fantastic job on Jessica!

Let’s start in the studio with the black and blowy setup:

Jessica Justifies


We also have a little behind the scenes with Jessica talking about Sib4Sib a little bit from Facebook – take a look:

At this point we headed out on location to Birmingham and here are a few highlights:

Jessica Justifies


Jessica Justifies

….and we’ll leave you with this last one up close and personal!

Jessica Justifies

Love it!!! 

You can get an idea of why Jessica justifies admiration indeed and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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