Josie is a Josie – We’ll Explain Below With Her Senior Session Highlights!

Josie is an outgoing smiley cool chick.  She lights up a room and we were looking forward to her session, which rocked!  So sometimes when I write these I search for various stuff online for inspiration – things that match the senior or catch the vibe of the day.  In this case I started by simply Googling “Josie” – just curious what I’d find.  The first result was an (apparently bad) thriller movie that I hadn’t heard of.  BUT – the second result was PERFECT.  It was the definition of a “Josie” in the Urban Dictionary.  I didn’t know a “Josie” was a thing but check this out:

Holy moly – Josie IS a Josie!!!!!  That is literally perfect.  Josie’s mom Gayle was out of town so she brought an entourage with her – fellow Frameable seniors Carli and Izzy and we had a blast.  We focused on location photos exclusively and we headed to Birmingham to get them…

Josie is a Josie…


Beautiful!!!  And a shout out here to Natalie on hair and Farah on makeup at Mandy Rose Studio for the outstanding job!

We also have some fun behind the scenes from our day first from the Facebook LIVE:

And here’s a stunning image with that outfit…



Love it!

One more from Quarton Lake before we headed on into downtown Birmingham, and how cool is a senior who wears a Ramones shirt to her session???



Hey, ho, let’s go……to downtown Birmingham…. lol!

Here’s a little more behind the scenes fun this time from Instagram:

And we’ll leave you with this one in the city….



So pretty!

And there you have it!  There’s no doubt Josie is indeed a Josie, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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