Ava Ahead Of Her Time On An Unequaled Senior Session!

This post features Ava ahead of her time – there’s no doubt she is.  She suggested an idea we had never done before on a whim and it turned out to be one of the coolest ideas we’ve done with unique results that we’ll definitely return to with other seniors!  We’ll save those for last.  Ava is a spokesmodel for us representing the Bloomfield Hills Blackhawks for the class of 2020, and privately Ally was worried about trying to top her spokesmodel session this time since the Detroit session in April was SO great.  Well…..we think we may have done it.

Ava Ahead Of Her Time

The plan this time was to head to Karner Blue Stables where Ava’s horse Oscar stays – what a beauty he is, and the spots for photos were aplenty.  Ava’s mom Stacie whom we’ve known since high school was there to join us and we had much fun as we always do now with them.  We started with just a few natural pics and we’ll also give a shout out to Adria at The Beauty Lounge for the great job on Ava’s hair!

Ava Ahead


Next it was time to meet OSCAR!!!  He was very chill – here’s the behind the scenes from Facebook LIVE as we got set up for some of those shots!

And here’s our girl with her guy!!!

Ava Ahead


Here’s a little more of the behind the scenes fun as we switched up some outfits and explored the grounds this time from Instagram LIVE:

So another thing we love about Ava is her “rocker chick” vibe when she breaks out Doors or Stones gear like she did this day… combine that with a nearby horse trailer and you’ve got super cool…

Ava Ahead

Now for the coup de grace!  Ally shooting up towards the sky, a little off-camera flash with Ava leaning over her…. and, well – look:

Ava Ahead

There are a couple of these we just simply couldn’t choose between for the blog so here’s one more…

Ava Ahead

WOW.  We are SO in love with these!

So now you know.  Ava is ahead of her time indeed – we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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