Camryn Was In Command On Her Senior Picture Session!

Camryn was definitely in command on this very first senior session of the Class of 2020 season!  But let’s back up a sec… 

Camryn’s mom Rochelle has been my Facebook friend for a couple of years but we had never met in person!  We met through mutual connections and I did not realize her daughter was an upcoming senior at our alma mater – North Farmington!  So when she reached out to discuss senior pictures we were excited!  When you are as active as we are on Facebook sometimes you can make a connection online that becomes a connection offline!  I knew we would like Rochelle and by extension it was no shock that we liked Camryn!  Camryn is adorable and smart and nice, and she wants to be a pediatrician!  She’s got it together, and yes she was in command on her senior session!

Camryn In Command

We started in the studio and focused mainly on the red fabric backdrop and the black.  Starting with the black:

CamrynWow!  Okay she looks amazing, and now would be a good time to give a shout out to her makeup artist Tina Jones who did a fantastic job on Camryn!

We also have some fun behind the scenes first from the studio on Facebook:

Next we switched to the fiery red fabric backdrop for this full length photo:


Camryn is so photogenic and so comfortable in front of the camera!  A delight for Ally to work with!

At this point it was time to head out on location.  It was brutally hot out – over 95 degrees but we were not going to be deterred!  Not to mention there were supposed to be thunderstorms but those held off as well as we were glued to the hourly forecast for the previous 24 hours and watched it shift thankfully in our favor!

We headed to Quarton Lake and got this gorgeous image:


And of course we have a little more behind the scenes fun from the Instagram Live – the replay resides on our YouTube channel (make sure you’re subscribed)!

We’ll leave you with one more full length photo of our girl:


What a great session!!!  Camryn was in command indeed and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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