Jayden and Jaxon Are Back, Getting Big, and They Are Total Characters!

Jayden and Jaxon are total characters and they came back to the studio for some pics with their mommy Marla!  It had been a while since they had been here so we were excited to have them back and boy are they growing up! 

Total Characters!

We kept this session pretty simple with white shirts and jeans on these dudes with the white backdrop and we’ll start with a little brotherly love!

Total Characters

We also had some fun with some behind the scenes first on Facebook Live:

Now let’s give each of these guys their own turn in the spotlight:

First big brother Jayden:

Total Characters

What a big man!

Next it’s little brother Jaxon!

Total Characters

Great smile on that guy!

We also have some more behind the scenes fun from Instagram when Marla jumped in for a few with her boyz!

And the amazing result:
Total Characters
Awww…. how adorable are they???
And there you have it – total characters and total fun with these three!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with them!
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