Kendall Kills It On Her Senior Spokesmodel Session For The Class Of ’20!

Kendall kills it – in more ways than one!  For starters she’s an accomplished volleyball player, so kills in volleyball are important – a kill is an attack that results in an immediate point or side out, and so we attacked this spokesmodel session with gusto!  And yes, she killed it.  Kendall will be playing volleyball at Michigan and Michigan is our shared connection.  You see, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Kendall’s dad Vada (may he rest in peace) was my friend and teammate on the football team at Michigan so having Kendall in the fold representing our studio as the first spokesmodel we’ve ever had at Ann Arbor Skyline High School is really special for us.

Kendall Kills It

We met Kendall and her mom Sarah (who Ally knew from a previous life in finance before Ally and I and Sarah and Vada got together which is pretty cool) up in Ann Arbor on a perfect Saturday for the session but actually two nights before that they came to the studio for our spokesmodel party where we did a few studio pics so let’s start with one of those:

Kendall Kills

Love the simple white backdrop with the simple white tank… Kendall looks fantastic!

To Ann Arbor…

Now let’s visit a few of the Ann Arbor images a couple days later where as I said before we had a perfect day!  As a side note this is very typical for our senior sessions where we take some photos in the studio as well as on location.  We started in the Arb where the peonies were in full bloom so it was actually pretty crowded.  So we took a few photos by the flowers but shortly after we found a great spot on one of the trails:

Kendall Kills

I’m guessing we’ll be using that spot again…

We also have some fun behind the scenes from the day – first from the replay of the livestream we did on Instagram:

We also headed over to the law quad on campus which is really a beautiful setting and we used a couple different spots – here’s Kendall under one of the archway entrances to the courtyard:

Kendall Kills

And here’s the behind the scenes action on that photo from Facebook Live!

At this point we left the campus to get some photos at a couple of parks and while we usually include 4 photos in these posts we’re including an extra here since Kendall’s session is the last of our Class of 2020 spokesmodels, our first from Ann Arbor Skyline, and – well…..there were just too many good ones not to share an extra!

Kendall KillsLove that bridge and how Kendall’s tank top pops right off of it while still almost matching it…

And we’ll leave you with this one, which might very well be our favorite of the day:

Kendall KillsWhat a classic photo!!!!  Classic beauty!

And there you have it – Kendall kills it indeed!  We loved our day with them and we can’t wait to get Kendall in front of Ally’s camera again.  For those of you who have been following along we hope you’ve enjoyed our class of 2020 crew and we can’t wait to start photographing the sessions for the upcoming seniors!!!

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