Emma Inspires – From Survival to Thrival….Which Kicks Ass and is SEXY!

I tweeted today that if survive, survival, and thrive are all words then so should thrival be one.  Emma was forced into pure survival when she was diagnosed with cancer, but these days since she beat it we would say she’s into THRIVAL.  What an inspiration she is!  She’s been our friend for years, and her family has all appeared on this blog before.  But this time was a little different…

Dropping a Boudoir Bombshell…

We’ve been doing more boudoir lately as you may have seen and in this case Fox 2 Detroit was coming to the studio to do a feature on it.  We had a live model ready but she had to cancel so Ally was in a bind and she called Emma, basically telling her she needed her to get ready and come to the studio to pose for sexy photos on television!!!  Emma is a beauty and she was game – maybe because she didn’t have a ton of time to think about it!

But what ensued was more than we all bargained for.  Ally frankly didn’t give a ton of thought to the fact that Emma was a survivor when she called her.  It wasn’t about that at all, and yet when Emma got in front of Ally’s camera and slayed, it became a really empowering and flat out awesome moment.  To hear Emma tell us how this put some of her story into perspective to see herself this way after having gone through such intense sickness when she didn’t look “healthy or sexy”.  It was a powerful moment for everyone at the studio including the crew from Fox 2.  Boudoir takes the story in directions you don’t expect sometimes and the results here are…..well, WOW.

Emma Inspires

Now keep in mind this isn’t a typical boudoir session since we did it here in the studio which can be a little….limiting.  But we have some highlights to share on the black background and they still sizzle:

Emma Inspires

Gotta love a girl in a guy’s dress shirt and not a whole lot else….  😉

Emma Inspires

Getting a little flirty! 🔥🔥🔥

And we’ll leave you with this closeup…

Emma Inspires

Emma felt great about these and how couldn’t she!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of her inspiring session!!!

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