A Legendary Day With Loren In Detroit For Senior Pictures!

Wow what a day with Loren!  Loren was so adorable the first time she came to the studio – she had been following along with some of our sessions on Instagram and elsewhere on social media as many do and she was totally fired up for her turn!  She and her mom Lili had some great ideas for the session and it led us to some things we had never tried before!  We’ll get to that in a little bit, but suffice it to say (as you’re about to see) this was a legendary day with Loren for sure!  Dad Eugen and little bro David even hung out and jumped in for a couple photos at one point so it was a family affair and we had a lot of fun, but this blog post is about Loren, so let’s get to a few pics!

Legendary Day

We started on Belle Isle as we often do and got this image of our girl with the skyline in the background:

Legendary Day

We also have some fun behind the scenes from the day starting with the replay from the livestream on Instagram!

We stayed on Belle Isle for a bit and also got this pretty photo of Loren in the willow!

Legendary DayLove that one!

At this point we switched locations and headed over to the Belt where we captured a cool pic of Loren looking off to her future!  Hehe…

Legendary Day

The overalls with the Hamilton socks rock!

And now for the coup d’état!  It was getting towards evening and it was a little chilly – not quite carnival weather, and yet we had plans for the carousel on the riverwalk – add a perfect dress to match and a legendary photo is created!  We even made this one into a metal sample for the studio!  Truly a fairy tale photo – and first here’s the behind the scenes on Facebook Live!

And the result!

Legendary Day


Yes it was a legendary day that we won’t forget with Loren, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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