Ever Loving Emma In An Epic and Sprawling Senior Session!

We are ever loving Emma for sure in this senior session! It was one like very few others… across multiple locations, inclement weather that we ultimately worked to our great advantage, outfits, styles, settings – it was epic and sprawling and we loved all of it!  We also love Emma’s mom Lija – we had so much fun with the two of them!  The funny thing is we actually snapped a photo of Emma at prom with her date and our Lacey and her date over a year ago and hadn’t even realized it when they called to book her senior pics!  Like it was meant to be!

Ever Loving Emma

So let’s start with the first day in the studio on the red couch…

Ever Loving Emma

Love that!  Gorgeous and a fun playful photo of Emma!

We also have some behind the scenes fun first from a Facebook Live broadcast from the studio…

Next we headed to the ice to get this fabulous photo… these are always a fun challenge – usually with me walking out on to the ice with the off camera flash trying not to wipeout lol!

Ever Loving Emma

So graceful!

Day 2

After a rainout we rescheduled at a private location that we DO have available for future photo sessions if our clients request it and what a spot!  AND we had a perfect day with big beautiful snowflakes falling and no wind…  we started in the hayloft – check out the behind the scenes:

And here’s the result!

Ever Loving Emma


Emma spotted a swing on the property and we jumped on it so to speak… we’ll finish with that photo!

Ever Loving Emma

How cute is she?

Lastly we’re going to leave you with the snapchat story with highlights from both days!

And there it is – ever loving Emma indeed!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day(s) with her!!!

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