A Fiery Studio Senior Session Full of Jump Shots With Jada!

Okay so there’s no such thing really as a “jump shot” in photography terminology.  We technically don’t even use the word “shots” often, preferring to call them “photos”.  However in this case we’ll make an exception because a “jump shot” IS a basketball term, Jada is a hoopster, and she makes us want to jump (for joy of course) when we have her in the studio, so “jump shots with Jada” it is!  Jada’s mom Glenda is a delight as well and we were really happy they picked us!

Jump Shots With Jada

Jada plays guard for the West Bloomfield Lakers and we love photographing athletes so we planned a few photos in her uniform, but before we get to those we played around with multiple colors and outfits all in the studio which is a lot of fun – it gives us a chance to kind of stretch out and experiment a little without having to get going outside at some point:

Jump shots

Okay, she’s adorable…

We also have plenty of fun behind the scenes action – first with the replay of the Facebook LIVE video:

Love that gold…  next we moved to the red background with the red couch for this “BOSS” photo…

Jump shots

Just slaying the camera there… OWNING it!!!

Next we brought out the black backdrop and this combo just worked!

Jump shots


Now it was time to get out the Laker gear and get some FIRE going…  We have some behind the scenes of the hoops photos with the flaming ball too that we streamed on Instagram – don’t try this at home you crazy kids….

And the fiery result:

Jump shots

So cool!!!  We loved our jump shots with Jada and we hope you liked the highlights of our day with her!

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