Dwelling On Dani Since She’s The Last But Not Least Class of 2018 Spokesmodel!

We’re dwelling on Dani here, and we may just have saved the best for last here with our 2018 spokesmodel crew…  Okay well maybe that’s not totally the case because we love this whole crew so much, but Dani is awesome and we had already hung out with her for dinner at Chipotle before we photographed her so that just proves already how special this girl is to us!

Dani is another one of these superseniors who is sweet, smart and seriously focused on all the right things.  She’s a well-rounded student athlete and such a sweetheart – and she comes with a great mom too!  Diana is really great and she came on Dani’s session with us.  Needless to say we had a blast!

Dwelling On Dani…

We spent a brief time in the studio first on the black background with this super cute outfit:

Dwelling On Dani

Love it!

After just a few shots in the studio we headed out on location to the West Bloomfield trail network and a couple of different nature preserves since the conditions were really nice and we fired up some live video for some behind the scenes fun – first on Periscope and if you want to download the app and follow us there at @FrameableFaces you can do it at this link.  If you want to just follow our broadcasts from Twitter you can do that too here.

Here’s a full length photo outside – Dani was killin’ it!

Dwelling on DaniWe also need to give a shout out to Jordyn Popour from Detroit Glam for the fantastic job on Dani’s makeup, and we will be offering Jordyn’s services on sessions this year so ask us about it when you book your session!

Dwelling on DaniLet’s take a look at one more behind the scenes broadcast from Dani’s session shall we?  This time from Facebook Live

Here’s one more sneak peek from the session for y’all….

Dwelling on Dani

So there you have it – dwelling on Dani was well worth it, and we can’t wait to get her back in front of Ally’s camera for her senior pictures along with the rest of the class of 2018!  We’ll leave you with the fun Snapchat story from the day!

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