A Vic-TORI-ous Senior Spokesmodel Session For The Ages With Tori!!!

What can we say about Tori and the hands of fate that were all over this story from how and when we found her all the way to the epic spokesmodel session with her and her mom Lora in the YAK!  The “yak” would be Pontiac which is where Tori was born hehe…  Let’s just say we already have multiple inside jokes and stories from our short time knowing each other – we just seemed to fit from the first minute.

It all started with Tori’s mom Lora walking into the studio and asking about senior pictures really early in the game for the class of 2019 at the urging of another senior mom we love while we were (and kinda still are) in recruiting mode for our new crew.  When she told us her daughter went to West Bloomfield Ally and I looked at each other right away and both our wheels were turning…  Next thing you know we had Lora and Tori come for a little pow wow and we knew immediately we wanted her on our team!  The rest is his-TORI!!!  See what I did there?  Let’s see how many ways I can work Tori’s name into this blog post lol… 

A Vic-TORI-ous Session

We decided on Pontiac as I mentioned earlier on a fairly chilly day and even with some technical difficulties with Ally’s new off camera flash we still pulled off a handful of outstanding photos!  Let’s get to a few…


How adorable is she?  Let’s also give a shout out here to Yasmeen at The Beauty Lounge for Tori’s makeup and Natalie at Mandy Rose Studio for Tori’s hair!

Let’s also take a look at the hilarious behind the scenes Facebook Live – we LOVE this girl…. haha!

One more photo outdoors before we move to the next phase…


Love.  Great style on Tori here and we are pretty pleased with the lighting (when it worked)!  That’s the nice thing about spokesmodel sessions – they are a great opportunity to try out new spots, new equipment and new techniques, and while Ally was a little frustrated fighting with the equipment we do love the results!

At this point we headed over to the Flagstar Strand Theatre which you should check out for a show if you get a chance – what a gem of a venue in downtown Pontiac and special thanks goes to them for the access.  They set us up in the dressing room where we decided on a whim to get a few really fun shots of the star backstage like this one!


We played around in the theatre and got some cool stuff but the lighting and the angles we tried were a bit challenging.  We’ll go back and try again at some point – you can get a sense of what we were doing in this fun Instagram Live we did from inside…

A couple of behind the scenes shots like the pano I grabbed and the shot Lora took below are pretty cool too – they give you an idea of what we were trying to do even if the finished images weren’t quite ready for prime time…



Now we’ll head outside for one more photo which could be our fave of the day with Tori in a cute winter hat…


Just love that one!!!  Gorgeous girl.

And that’s a great way to end it for now – we are thrilled to have Tori representing our studio and we cannot wait to get her in front of Ally’s camera again!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!

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