Ally Photographs Alli As We Usher In The Class Of 2019 Spokesmodels!

What a way to kickoff the class of 2019 – with a little “Ally on Alli crime”!  And if producing stunning images of this girl is a crime then lock us up and throw away the key!!!  Alli was here in front of Ally’s camera years ago when she was a pre-teen but now she’s going to be a senior and this is the class that our own Tony is in too so there will be many surreal moments like this one over the coming months.  Alli’s delightful mom Risa joined us in the studio (and even a grandma and a grandpa and an aunt popped in for visits) and it was a bit surreal for her too!

Ally Photographs Alli

Each year we go into the new spokesmodel sessions with some new ideas and techniques for the upcoming season and this year we are focusing on playing around with our lighting.  It may not be something you’ll notice per se but we shifted around our soft boxes a little and got a lot accomplished, and Alli looked fantastic.  She’s a pro – so great to work with, and so these images are quite awesome and we’re excited to get them out there.  We have our typical 4 sneak peeks for you here!

We’ll start with the damask background and we love the way this one turned out!


Just stunning…

We also have our behind the scenes fun as usual – this year we have been playing around with some Facebook options as well as going live on Instagram.  First let’s have a look at our Facebook Live broadcast of the making of the photo above:

Next we have this tight crop on the red fabric – Ally is a fan of the hands-framing-the-face.  Not all of our seniors choose to do this type of pose but we love it here for Alli! 


We moved next to the white vinyl background – loving this next look with the ripped jeans!  We also need to give a shout out to Mandy Rose Studio for Ally’s hair and makeup – they did a fantastic job!



We also recorded our Instagram Livestream and uploaded it to our YouTube channel – take a look and please subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss future vids!


At this point we moved to the black backdrop and we’ll show off one of those images before we wrap this one up…


Love the smile!  Love this girl!

And there you have it!!!  We are off and running with the new crew for the class of 2019 and Alli led the way in style!!!  Be sure to follow along for more upcoming sessions – all the links are below and don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter!

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