Twin Seniors! First Up Let’s Say Hello To Hallie, Shall We?

Twin seniors are a delight to photograph for lots of reasons.  One example off the top is for starters there is usually no problem with getting comfortable being in front of the camera because they have each other to laugh with and take the edge off.  Now to be clear it’s not that there’s usually a problem with that – we have a consultation ahead of time to meet our seniors, get to know them, and design the session around them and their style, but with twins there’s that added connection between them which usually makes for much fun.  Now, throw in the fact that we already know Hallie and Shoshie (they are friends of our Lacey) and that they’re smart, hilarious and adorable and we’ve got a winner of a day!  We’ll call this part 1 and focus on Hallie first, and then we’ll give Shoshie her own blog post – in alphabetical order (plus Hallie is older) – ha!  But we’ll be sure to sneak in a twin shot too…

Hello To Hallie

We focused exclusively on location for the girls in Birmingham, and their mom Caryn came along.  We had lots of laughs, good conditions outside and the girls did a fine job!  Let’s take a look at Hallie who was game to jump right in if you see what I mean…  lol! Hallie

Love the in-the-water shot!

Next we have this fantastic close up:


One nice aspect of summer sessions at Quarton Lake is that there’s plenty of wild flowers to be found and they make for a gorgeous shot like this one of Hallie:



We also have some fun behind the scenes from our live broadcasts – we’ll show one of those here from YouTube Live and you’ll just have to check back for Shoshie’s highlights to see the video from Facebook Live (although it’s not hard to scroll and find on our page).

And we’ll leave you with one more of Hallie…..


….and one of the twins together!


So there you have it!  An awesome day with these girls and Hallie rocked her photos!  So did Shoshie – stay tuned…..!

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