Mitchell Is The Man and His Senior Session Is Killer!

Mitchell is the man – we know he’s a great dude because he’s a year between our two kids and they both like him!  Hehe…  He’s also a North Farmington Raider like us and his dad so he’s got that going for him.  Besides he’s been to our studio before with the whole fam and his parents Joy and Jeff came along on the session which we knew would be a good time.  I’ve been saying this all summer and I’m always nervous that I’m going to jinx it, but with very few exceptions the conditions have been great for shooting outdoors – not too much rain and not too much heat, and Mitchell’s morning was perfect.

Mitchell Is The Man

We started on location as we always do for morning sessions and we headed just around the corner from the studio behind the Library and City Hall in West Bloomfield to get some nice natural settings.  Here’s a full length on a foot bridge of our guy to start:


Looking good!  Of course we have some fun behind the scenes action here with the replay of our YouTube Live broadcast – be sure to subscribe to our channel too!

Let’s take a look at one more closer up outdoors before we head back to the studio…



At this point we headed back to the studio to get a few indoors, and when Mitchell posed for his yearbook shot Joy got a little choked up – we only made fun of her a little – haha!  We see this all the time and as parents ourselves we get it believe me.  Here’s a cool full length black and white pic:

MitchellLove that shot – it really came out great!

We also have some more behind the scenes – this time in the studio from the Facebook Live replay!


And one more shot from the studio on the white backdrop…

MitchellAnd there you have it!  Mitchell is the man and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from our morning with him!

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