KICKING OFF Class of 2018 Spokesmodels with Olivia! BEAUTY & BEAST!

When we say we’re kicking off our class of 2018 spokesmodels we actually mean we’re kicking it off!  With a kicker – a female kicker!  We are thrilled to have Olivia representing our studio and this is always an exciting time for us as we start to look towards the upcoming senior class which we’ll start photographing in earnest this summer.  Some our favorite people of all time and very close friends started out as spokesmodels going all the way back to the graduating class of 2009 and we’ve already become fast friends with Olivia and her mom Liz.  But first let’s back up a bit to the fall of 2015 in the bleachers of Bloomfield Hills High School…

“Check It Out!  How Cool Is That?”

Our son Tony plays football at BHHS and when he first went out for the team as a freshman we were at one of his games sitting in the bleachers.  The freshman team was down on the field and they play before the JV so the JV came up into the bleachers to wait and watch until their turn came.  Ally being a nervous mom saw the size of some of the sophomores walking past and then….Olivia comes walking by in her pads and Ally and I said to each other “Check it out!  How cute is she?  And how COOL is that?”  There were no girls on the football team to speak of back in our day.  You see it more now but it’s still not that common and we think you need to be a pretty cool girl to be able to hang on a team of guys, and be a kicker where all eyes are on you every time you take the field to begin with!

Needless to say our wheels started turning back then as they often do when we’re on the lookout for spokesmodels.  So flash forward to the varsity banquet at the end of Tony’s JV season a couple months ago and there is Olivia looking stunning, so we texted a couple people during dinner to ask about Olivia and we were given the thumbs up.  Ally makes a break for it.  So creepy right?  Like, “we’ve had our eye on you for years and we want you to be a spokesmodel for our studio”!!!  Haha!  But we still had to see if she was actually interested, meet her and her mom at the studio and make sure it was a fit for everyone.  So sure enough Olivia called and said she would be interested and when she and Liz arrived we fell in love with them immediately.  Such sweethearts both of them!!!

Kicking Off With Olivia…

While we may be kicking off the proceedings we should also mention that Olivia plays lacrosse and she’s nice and she’s smart – she’s the whole package.  But before we get to the beast part we started off with the beauty part of the session….  First we’ll share this one on the brown backdrop – we find the brown to be a great option to go with pink – a good color combo for this year.

Kicking Off

We actually played around with a few different backdrops and combinations as we usually do with our spokesmodels and you can see some of the behind the scenes fun here…  Let’s start with the replay of our Snapchat story from the day which ends with the “squad selfie”!  🙂

Next we have the replay of our live Periscope broadcast – if you aren’t following us on Periscope and want to join in the fun and be a part of our shows download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces, or you can watch from your browser and/or on Twitter too!

Now let’s take a look at some of the photos we did on the black backdrop.  First we have this relaxed and fun shot on our black couch – black on black anything looks cool when it’s lit properly and we are looking forward to more of our black couch which is still a relatively new addition here on the black background.

Kicking Off

Plenty of Beauty right?  Now time for beast…

What’s fun about these next couple of shots is that it was actually hard to get Olivia to keep a straight face, because as much of a bad ass as she is, she’s actually very humble and sweet and she was giggling.  Haha!

Kicking Off

How awesome is that shot???  The football / lacrosse mashup!

Let’s take another look at some behind the scenes fun with more live video this time from Facebook Live:

And now one more lit photo in beast mode….

Kicking Off

AWESOME!  What a way to be kicking off the class of 2018 spokesmodel sessions!  Much more to come from our new crew which is starting to shape up to be a very strong class!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our time with Olivia!  Stay tuned….

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