Hey Hey Haley – Your Senior Pictures Are Highly Awesome!

Hey hey Haley!  We are excited to have this girl on our blog!  Another long time friend of our daughter’s whom we’ve known for years, Haley is a sweetheart and our families are friends.  So this was another one of those surreal sessions which seems to be a recurring theme this year….  lol!  This session was complete with several wildlife adventures and provided for plenty of hilarity and some hiccups – like actual hiccups!  But at the end of the day it was about the photos and it was about Haley so let’s get to the pics shall we?

Hey Hey Haley!

We started in the studio with one of our fancy chairs and the black background – love this!

Hey Hey Haley

She looks amazing!

We didn’t spend a ton of time in the studio but we do have a behind the scenes broadcast replay from inside that we did on Periscope – you can download the app and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link or you can just watch from Twitter here.

Time to head outside…

Hey Hey HaleyWe love these types of photos in the meadow – we had just a hint of fall pop in the background and the lighting was really nice – the conditions were great that day!  We have plenty of behind the scenes from the location(s) too, starting with a broadcast replay from Facebook Live:

Before we get to the last couple of photos we are including here the Snapchat story from the session because, well…..it’s funny (remember I said something about wildlife adventures)!  Plus you’ll also see where the fam jumped in for a photo!  Stuart, Donna and Maddy!

Here’s another fab photo from outside…

Hey Hey Haley

Sooooo pretty!

One more broadcast…

….and one more photo of Haley!

Hey Hey Haley


So once again we say hey hey Haley – your session was highly awesome!  We hope you all enjoyed the highlights from our day with Haley!


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