Looking For A Winning Senior Session? It’s Naiel By A Mile!

Naiel is a great kid – another in a long line of them from the class of 2016.  It’s been a great year for our seniors and this session was another winner!  It’s really nice to see a senior guy have such a great relationship with his mom too – Hina joined us on the session and what a pleasure she is!  This was a Saturday morning session which we like to start on location when the lighting is better outside, so we met them at Heritage Park to begin the fun.


Hehe…  yes we won that day – big time!  Awesome time and awesome session.  Naiel is a handsome dude and he did a great job.  Let’s get to a few of the highlights!  First we have a pretty cool relaxed pose against a tree that we really like:


I really like that one with Naiel looking off camera…

Next we have a spot we found that we never used before at Heritage Park which going forward will be known as “Naiel’s Spot” since that’s how we roll here at Frameable Faces.


Before we head back for the studio photos let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action from our day.  First as we usually do we have our 6 second vine for your looping pleasure:

Next we have the Katch.me replays of our live Periscope broadcasts which were a lot of fun as you’ll see.  If you still have not downloaded Periscope for your mobile device you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces here.

First the location broadcast:

And now the studio broadcast!

Naiel By A Mile…

Let’s cross the finish line back in the studio on the black backdrop!  First with a more formal shot – the guy has style!


And lastly this sitting photo a little closer up…


And so it was – a real winner of a session with Naiel!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights of our morning with him!


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