Little Man Anthony Was A Total Rockstar For His Session!

Little Man Anthony was here and he certainly left an impression – he was so easy to work with!  Sometimes 2 years old can be a challenging age to photograph – in theory…  I do have to say though that while some do better than others Ally is usually pretty darn good getting them to cooperate.  She has the magic touch.  Having said that, with Anthony the magic touch wasn’t even really needed.  He was really good.   He came to the studio with his mommy and his Uncles and they were a big help too.

Little Man Anthony

We should also mention what a sweetheart his mom Anita is and she is expecting so Anthony is going to be a big brother soon!  So exciting!

So this session was all in the studio but we did use a couple different backdrops and clothing changes.  Let’s start with a close up of our guy:

Little Man Anthony

Okay – how awesome is he?  And the jacket?  So cool…

Next let’s go with some flannel – he looks like a little lumberjack!

Little Man Anthony

Looks like he’s planning something there doesn’t it?  Like his wheels are turning…  lol!

Meanwhile we broadcasted part of the session on Periscope which was a blast!  If you haven’t downloaded the app yet you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces here.  Here is the replay of the broadcast from our page with the real time comments intact!  Check it out!

So fun!

Okay let’s get back to a couple more photos.  Love this next shot where you can see that Anthony was getting into it and having some fun!

Little Man AnthonyWhat a stud.

And now the coup de grace – the custom Sons Of Anarchy leather outfit made by his dad against the white backdrop!

Little Man Anthony

And there you have it!  Little man Anthony was a rockstar indeed – wouldn’t you agree?  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from our morning with him!

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