An Epic Session And Cake Smash With A One Year Old Superstar!

We photographed this lovely couple years ago when they got engaged, and now they have added to the family with a precious and yummy little girl who they brought to the studio for some one year photos and a cake smash.  What a day – this little one was as close to perfect as a one year old can be for a session!  She was a total ham, worked the camera like a pro, and treated us to quite possibly the most epic cake smash in Frameable Faces history!!!  She had an audience as well with her grandparents there to watch, and she delivered – a true one year old superstar!

Let’s get to the photos shall we?  Let’s start with our featured model on her own!

One Year Old Superstar

How adorable is she???  Okay let’s get mommy and daddy into a shot and enjoy the happy family together:

One Year Old Superstar

Just a great shot of the three of them.  Now let’s get into a little more fun…  this is where our little princess started to really get going…

One Year Old Superstar

See what we mean?  How awesome is that outfit?  The hat, shirt and tutu – it all comes together for total cuteness.  Let’s take a little look at our behind the scenes vine of the session where you can really see how much fun our little one was having, and you’ll start to see the cake smash.

So as we mentioned, the cake smash was epic indeed.  She loved the cake and really didn’t need much prompting to get going on it.  She made a fantastic mess which is a lot of fun to watch.  Take a look!

One Year Old Superstar

So there you have it!  The one year old superstar with her epic cake smash!  So yummy and so fun – we hope you enjoyed these photos from our session with her!

2 responses on “An Epic Session And Cake Smash With A One Year Old Superstar!

  1. Janice Sullivan

    I started to make a comment last week and forgot to finish. I think this is one of the best shoots of a one year old that I have seen in long time! You really have shown us the amazing personality of this beautiful baby!

    1. Doug Cohen Post author

      Thanks Janice! Yeah we were thrilled with this one – we just knew the photos were going to turn out great based on how much fun the session was. She is such a cutie!

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