It Is Time To Meet Al and Tarcha’s New Arrival – Nala!

Yes it is time to meet Al and Tarcha’s new arrival – Nala!  We were so excited to meet her!  We have known Al and Tarcha for 5 years now and we have done headshots for Al, his dad, photos for their church in Detroit where Al is a pastor, maternity photos of Tarcha when they were expecting and now finally little Nala!  We have shared plenty of good times with these guys and they have really become friends in addition to being clients.  It is really special for us to see their family growing.

Meanwhile Tarcha’s mom was in town for the session as well so she was able to join in for a couple photos which was great – what a wonderful lady!  Nala was a total champ for this session and we have a few highlights to share with you!

New Arrival

Nala arrived quite early – she apparently couldn’t wait to get out and see the world – but this session coincided with what would have been a week after her scheduled arrival.  We did some photos on the grey fabric and the black fabric.  Let’s start with the grey and with grandma included…

New ArrivalJust so wonderful!

Now let’s narrow down to the happy family unit – just Nala and her parents:

New Arrival

So much love in that picture!!!

Okay now before we switch backdrops let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes footage of the session.  First with our 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have our extended behind the scenes replay of our live Periscope broadcast – those of you who are regular viewers may have seen us introduce “Pastor Al” on a previous broadcast, and if you don’t have Periscope yet you can download it and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link:

Okay now let’s get to the black backdrop for these beautiful photos with Nala first with her mommy…

New Arrival

Just gorgeous.

And lastly we have a matching photo with daddy!

New Arrival

Just in love with this session.

And that will do it for now – we hope you enjoyed celebrating Nala’s new arrival with us!

2 responses on “It Is Time To Meet Al and Tarcha’s New Arrival – Nala!

  1. Venus Hakins

    I thoroughly enjoyed Nala’s blog, as I haven’t met her in person yet. Also hearing (BAM & CHUCKLES) the happy sounds of her parents enjoying her. I noticed, on another photo of her, Miss Nala likes to hold her hand out. Ummmm, wonder if that hand anointed.
    God knows our wants and needs. It looks to me like He shopped at the Baby Store for the perfect gift for the Wilsons and gave them BEAUTIFUL Miss Nala Charlize Elisabeth.

    CONGRATULATIONS and love to her Mom and Dad.

    1. Doug Cohen Post author

      Such beautiful words! Thank you so much for sharing that here on our blog and we feel the same way about this family. 🙂

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