Who Can Rock The Pretty And The Gritty? Corey Can!

We have plenty of seniors who love the pretty photos, and we have plenty of seniors who love the gritty photos, and we have plenty of seniors who can rock both.  Corey is one of the seniors who can rock both.  But she didn’t just rock this session….. she CRUSHED it.  Wow – we are in love with this session…

Going way back…

It’s especially surreal for us when we know our senior as long as we’ve known Corey – we remember her from the bus stop as a little girl in our old neighborhood, and to see her grow into this beautiful young lady is just so cool!  We photographed her brother two years ago and had a lot of fun and anticipation was high for this session.  Corey delivered.

Let’s start with one “pretty” shot before we move on to the “gritty”…

Corey Can

Great backlight on Corey’s hair, and those eyes!!!

Corey Can…

Now we’ll head to a couple of the “gritty” shots like this one on the fire escape.  Corey was totally in control at this point!

Corey Can


Okay let’s now go behind the scenes with our fun vine of the day:

And for a little more behind the scenes footage here is the replay of the 5 minute live Periscope broadcast we did of the session!  You can download the app for your iPhone or Android and follow us there for all kinds of live programming at @frameablefaces!

Now let’s get back to a couple more photos.  Corey spied this little metal door for this next photo which we hadn’t used before – now it’s “Corey’s Door”!

Corey Can

We will leave you with one more – this one combines the pretty and gritty somewhat with the industrial cement wall but with the pretty black dress.  Stunning!

Corey Can

And so there it is – Corey crushed it.  There’s your answer to who can rock the pretty and the gritty – Corey can!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our awesome morning with her!




2 responses on “Who Can Rock The Pretty And The Gritty? Corey Can!

  1. Rachel

    I love this kid, she’s one of my daughters best friends. You did a great job with her senior pics and I can’t wait for Ashley’s.

    1. Doug Cohen Post author

      Thank you Rachel! We can’t wait for Ashley’s either! 🙂 Sorry for the delayed response to your comment, for some reason we didn’t get a couple notifications on the comments…

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