Photographing Devora Was A True Delight!

Photographing Devora was a delight indeed!  This was actually the second time Devora has been in front of Ally’s camera since we photographed her family a year or so ago.  Devora’s family is great and we photographed her older brother Shimmy for his senior pictures as well, so we were excited when we got the call from her mom that it was her turn!

A Beautiful Locale For Photographing Devora…

First we went on location back to the same spot we photographed Devora’s brother.  It’s a beautiful private residence of a family friend and we wish we could photograph there all the time!  Well we certainly took advantage while we could and we had great weather as well!  Let’s start with a pretty shot down by the lake…

Photographing Devora

Love it – and love that rock ledge along the water.  Just a nice picturesque spot for Devora to relax for that casual pose!  Next let’s focus in on Devora for this next shot without her glasses:

Photographing Devora

Such a pretty and engaging photo of her – she’s a sweetheart!  Let’s take a look at our behind the scenes vine of our day where you’ll hear her personal paparazzi which showed up at the studio – that was a lot of fun!  Total Devora fan club…

Okay one more on location before we head back to the studio:

Photographing Devora

Now back to the studio…

So we got a lot done outdoors – very pleased with that!  As I mentioned earlier a few of Devora’s friends showed up to “cheer her on” back at the studio – they were pretty funny and it made for a raucous and memorable ending to a fantastic session!

Photographing Devora

So there it is – you can see why photographing Devora was a true delight and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day with her!







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