Twin Sister Senior Time Part Two – Cierra’s Turn!

Welcome to part TWO of twin sister senior time!  If you joined us yesterday you saw part one of this beautiful twin sister senior photo session which focused on Tierra, and today as promised we are flipping it!  Today we’ll be featuring Cierra with a special return guest appearance by Tierra in a photo of them twinning on location!

I wrote at length yesterday about how fun it is to be with twins and now I’m thinking about another fun benefit of working with twins – we get to blog about them twice which gives us an excuse to show off more of the session!

Twin Sister Senior Time Part Two…

So let’s start now again in the studio since that’s what we did with the girls…  I’m a fan of this first shot of Cierra because it’s unique – Ally likes to capture this pose frequently highlighting our senior’s eyelashes.  Cierra looks beautiful…

Twin Sister Senior Time Part Two

This next outfit still on the black background is fun with the cute hat for this playful pose!

Twin Sister Senior Time Part Two

Now let’s take a look at the behind the scenes vine highlighting Cierra from our day:

Let’s head back outside…

Let’s now bring Tierra back in and take a look at another photo of the twins together at the entrance to one of our favorite bridges, although technically it’s a platform I guess since it ends and doesn’t lead to the other side…  ha.

Twin Sister Senior Time Part Two

Love that photo, and let’s take a look at a “bonus” vine of the twins together!

Okay back to a couple more with Cierra…

Twin Sister Senior Time Part Two

Love that serious pose and the backlight on her hair!  And one more full length for the road…

Twin Sister Senior Time Part Two

So that will do it – we hope you’ve enjoyed both of these posts highlighting the twins.  We certainly had fun working with them!

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