Our Triple Streak Of Guys Concludes With Good Guy Jeremy!

It’s funny how our seniors can run in streaks, and our current “triple streak” of guys concludes with Jeremy.  If you notice I usually like to use words in my titles that begin with the same letter as our senior’s name, but there seem to be a shortage of synonyms for “nice” that start with “J”.  Jeremy is just a nice guy – pure and simple.  Fun, well-rounded, cool and relaxing to be around.  Ally and I talked about it when we finished – that we just like the kid!  His mom joined us on the session and the session flew by.  Time flies when you have plenty to talk about and you’re having fun.

We actually started out at Jeremy’s house for the location part of the session so let’s begin there:

triple streak

Photographing at someone’s home is often a nice move – it makes it easier for our senior to hop inside to change with access to all their clothes, and if it’s a chilly day it’s easy for us to duck inside to warm up a little as well!

Here’s another shot from Jeremy’s house:

triple streak

Next let’s take a look at the behind the scenes vine of our afternoon…

The barn is not at their house so as you can see we went exploring a little in their neighborhood where we came across a little trail with a stream and some nice fall colors where we captured this shot…

triple streak

After a successful outing outdoors we then headed back to the studio for a couple photos where we got this one in the suit and tie on the black…

triple streak

So that’s a wrap on our triple streak of guys and all three of them were fantastic!  Jeremy was a good one to end on for now before we return back to the next few senior girls!  Hope you enjoyed the highlights from this session!


Hanging Downtown With David!

We were hanging downtown with David for his senior session – downtown Pontiac that is – for some cool urban shots.  We’ve hung out in and blogged about Pontiac before and we love shooting there!  Meanwhile we loved being with David and his mom and it was no surprise since we had a great time with David’s brother Alex a couple years ago for his senior pictures.  Alex was featured in the last photo on this blog post.  What a great family!

For David we started out in the studio and we spent a little time here with a couple different backgrounds before we headed out on location.  Let’s start with the grey…hanging downtown

Now that’s a good looking and confident guy!  Next we broke out the black for a few shots – here’s one:

hanging downtown

Just a good casual look for David there, and while David pulled it together pretty well for some nice smiles on these photos, we actually spent the better amount of the session laughing our butts off…  Our behind the scenes vine gives you a little taste of that…

The second half if you can’t tell is David “saving a sneeze”…  haha!

Okay so you could see from the vine that we are ready to move on to the location photos.  It was a chilly day but David was a total pro and was able to block out the cold for these shots:

hanging downtown

We love this particular set of steps of the entrance to this old building!  They’re the staircase to a big future for David!  Ha!

Here’s one more city shot against one of our favorite brick walls that you may have seen here before – the color just pops and we like David’s serious pose here.

hanging downtown

So we hope you enjoyed hanging downtown (and in the studio) with David!  We definitely did and we were happy to share these photos!