Joining Fall, Fire and Finesse With Jenna!

We are happy to share highlights from the day we were joining Fall, fire, and finesse with Jenna!  For those of you who know us you know we are both North Farmington Raider alums and how much we love the brown and gold!  Jenna comes from a great family tradition of Raider athletes and I personally have known her dad and uncle since I was a kid so this was really a special session for us.  This session had great variety which fits this girl because she’s the whole package – she’s smart, athletic, pretty and funny!

Okay let’s get to the photos!  First we went on location to Heritage Park with Jenna and her mom and we were able to get this shot in the barn doorway – a unique shot for us since I don’t think we’ve ever been there where the door was open before…

Fire and Finesse

Love it!  This next photo is another unique shot with the deep mahogany colored leaves framing the photo, and Jenna’s eyes look amazing here!

Fire and Finesse

So after getting the “Fall” part it was time to head back to the studio to get the “Fire” part!  It’s no secret that we like to set things on fire here in the studio and a volleyball is the perfect prop!  We think shots like these just convey the energy, drama and fierce commitment required for athletic competition, and Jenna just nailed it.

Fire and Finesse

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the day!  We always love when people see these and say “Whoa that’s real fire!  We thought that was just photoshoped!”  Yes it’s real fire!

Lastly we went to the red background for a little more “Finesse” in a dress and we love this glam shot with the sneakers!

Fire and Finesse

So there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed our joining of fall, fire and finesse with Jenna!


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