We Just Couldn’t Wait….To Show You Kait(lin)!

We just couldn’t wait to show you the highlights from Kaitlin’s senior session!  The plan actually was to wait because we’re not done!  We covered a lot of ground on part one of her session but we left a little time to grab a few winter shots when the snow comes so this session is to be continued.  However the same way money burns holes in people’s pockets these photos are burning holes on our Macs and they basically fell into the blog because they’re too good.  It’s pretty much beyond our control.  Kaitlin is a total star and she’s a cool girl to boot!  So without further adieu, let’s take a look!

First we went with the cosmopolitan look which is perfect for this girl.  These shots in the city brought a few looks from the paparazzi around!

Just Couldn't Wait

And now you see why!  Kaitlin just owned this sidewalk – or is it a runway….?

Just Couldn't Wait

What’s really unique about that shot above is the metro look but with the pretty fall colors framing our senior.  So cool!

Next we made a quick stop at the park to get a natural shot before we headed back to the studio and here we get to see Kaitlin’s winning smile in this playful photo!

Just Couldn't Wait

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon:

Lastly we stopped back at the studio for a few on the black background and well, this black and blowy shot is just spectacular…

Just Couldn't Wait

Enough said right?  The best part is that we will still get to photograph her again in the snow!  She’s a delight and now you know why we just couldn’t wait to show you Kait(lin)!  Ha!  We hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks from her session!

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