Leah Returns With Plenty Of Looks And Laughs!

For this post we are pleased to present photos from one of our class of 2015 seniors who has been featured on our blog before as a spokesmodel.  We’ve had a great time with Leah and one of the reasons is she “gets” it when it comes to our studio.  She has from the first minute she started bopping in here to hang out with us a couple years ago, and she’s been known to just be here hanging out on any given day, even helping us by adding her two cents in client meetings about our approach and her experiences with us.  She is always flowing with ideas, and she’s also been known to crack up at the drop of a dime.  So when Leah returns for a photo session of her own we know there will be plenty of looks and plenty of laughs!

We already knew Leah would rock her session because she killed it on her spokesmodel shoot in a snowstorm which was one of our more memorable days.  This time around she wanted to wait for the fall colors, but before we head out on location let’s start with a studio photo:

Leah Returns

Leah had been talking about the red couch for a while so we spent some time on that set up – even getting her dogs into the mix, but here we focused on this close crop of just her.  Beautiful!  We would also like to give a little shout out to Shifra Raskin down the hall from our studio for such a great job on Leah’s makeup!

Now let’s get to the location photos…  first we started with the fountain in Birmingham which makes for a very pretty backdrop with a wall of white water…

Leah Returns

Here is our hilarious behind the scenes vine where the various “wildlife” had their say…  You can see a glimpse of the laughs I referred to earlier…

Now let’s focus on the nature shots.  First with a close up and some green…

Leah Returns

And last but not least the beautiful fall colors!

Leah Returns

So pretty!!!  Leah delivered again as we knew she would, and we hope you enjoyed these photos, looks and laughs from her session!


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