Jackie’s Senior Session Was A Jewel!

Jackie’s senior session was a jewel, and yet it almost didn’t happen.  At least not on this day… The weather forecasts were getting worse by the day that week and when we woke up that morning it looked pretty bleak – a 3:00 start with a 3:00 storm coming according to the hourly forecast.  Well by 10 the forecast changed and the storm moved out to later in the day so we scrambled a little, moved everything up to beat the rain and we even ended up with enough time to start in the studio before we went outside.  And so there we were on location with great conditions and our stunning senior!  But first let’s start with the studio photos.

We focused largely on our black background and Ally captured a dramatic image of Jackie in this full length photo.

session was a jewel

Jackie made this a really fun session with a couple of her poses.  We love this next one and the tutu (which you’ll see in a sec) but they aren’t necessarily in every portfolio we create.  Jackie knows what she likes when she sees it and we show the photos of tutus along with this pose lying down in many of our consultations but not everyone runs with them.  This photo really shows off Jackie’s pretty eyes…


Stunning right?  This would also be a good time to give a shout out to Gloria at The Beauty Lounge down the hall for the great job on Jackie’s makeup.  Next it was time to head out on location with our updated forecast.  We had a 5 minute drizzle at one point and that was it as our lucky streak for the week continued!  We love Jackie in this next photo in the tutu, and how great are the shoes with this outfit?  When we first got these tutus we thought they would be great for little girls – and they are, but every year a couple seniors wear them and they are so fun!

session was a jewel

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the session:

Okay one more of Jackie in her cute little pineapple dress!

session was a jewel

So there it is – definitely a jewel of a session with Jackie.  We hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed our time with her!


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