Just A Totally Stunning Family!

Just a totally stunning family is the only way to describe these folks.  We were so happy to hear from them since it had been a while since we photographed them for their Debut parties for both daughters a few years ago.  They are just beautiful people – fun loving, nice, and well, stunning!

We were on the road in Chicago when we got the call that they wanted to come in for a family photo session on a day when they were dressing up to go to a gala reunion event.  The event was 4 days away and we had a slot available so it worked out nicely.  When this family does something they do it in style, and in style was how they arrived at the studio for sure!  One of the primary goals of the shoot was to get a family portrait to replace an older one above their fireplace and this one is a clear candidate for that:

totally stunning family

But while we were at it we grabbed some photos of the couple, some of the kids, some of just “the girls” and just “the boys”.  They were changing into outfits with each one more beautiful than the last and the colors just pop against the red background.  What a fantastic session!  Check out the “family hug”!

totally stunning family

Now get ready for some crazy trickery – look at the total reverse we pulled off midway through this vine!  Red on white, white on Red!  Ha!!!

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