Persistence Paid Off With This Happy Family!

Yes persistence paid off with this happy family!  Sometimes life, scheduling and various circumstances can get in the way of a scheduled photo session.  What are you going to do?  Sometimes it happens and that is just the way it goes!  This fun family was supposed to come to the studio once before but it didn’t end up working out.  We stayed in touch and ended up getting it rescheduled.   Then, the day before the session a minor sports injury occurred which threatened to “leave a mark” on one of the boys the day before the shoot!  Could the session be foiled again?

persistence paid off

Well as you can see by the fun family photo above the little guy shook it off and we were able to do the session without even resorting to any injury retouching!  I am not even going to tell you which brother it was!  Nothing to see here people!  Nothing to see that is other than just great pictures!  We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks.  Next we have a couple of individual shots of these handsome young men.  We like the way these look in black and white of both little brother and big brother:

persistence paid off

persistence paid off

Next we have a fun behind the scenes vine and as you can see we worked with several cute poses!

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