A Senior Spokesmodel Jubilee…Literally!

A Jubilee is a type of celebration and we want to share a few peeks from a senior spokesmodel Jubilee…literally!  Jubilee is her name and being around her makes you want to celebrate!  She is smart, funny, pretty and the type of person who lights up a room when she walks in.  We were looking forward to this day for sure.

Senior Spokesmodel Jubilee

As we have done with every spokesmodel for the class of 2015 we spent a little time with the black background.  It seems like a good “warmup” for us to get a session going and it always looks fantastic.  Meanwhile our game plan for this session was to get outside and get some photos in an urban setting.  We have been itching to get some since the only outdoor photos we were able to get so far were snowy.  We love the snow scenes but with the temperatures warming a little we thought we could walk around outside comfortably and get some shots on pavement without snow around.  It turned out we were half right…

Senior Spokesmodel Jubilee

The part we were right about was that we were able to get great shots in an urban setting without any snow around.  The part we were wrong about was that we would be able to comfortably walk around outside.  It was still really cold – windy and frigid!  Jubilee however was a total pro and did not let the cold affect her!

Senior Spokesmodel Jubilee

While it may have been cold we still had some sunlight and the backlight looks nice in the photo above.  The last thing we did was an experiment that we had not tried before and we think it yielded an interesting result.  There was a glass-enclosed stairwell in a parking structure and I suggested that Ally photograph Jubilee through the glass just to see how it would look…  here is a little behind-the-scenes vine:

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