Capturing Family Portraits Before The Next Chapter!

If it is known that an upcoming moment is going to be a potentially rare moment then it is the perfect reason to do family portraits.  A milestone birthday or anniversary celebration, a holiday where out-of-town family members will be traveling here for a visit for example are strong reasons to get everyone together for a professional photo session.  This session was special for this family because the oldest is now studying abroad and they wanted to get some family photos before he left the country since it is going to be a little while until they are all together again.

First we started with just a photo of the proud parents which really looks fantastic in black and white…

Family Portraits

Next we brought the whole family into the picture.  Shimmy is the oldest and we photographed him for his high school senior pictures – what a great kid – we really enjoyed our time with him and we were happy to have the chance to wish him well in his travels and studies (that is him below on the far left).  We were also excited to have the whole family here and have the chance to meet the other siblings!

Family Portraits

Here is the fun behind-the-scenes vine from the session!

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