Traditional Clothing Makes Us So Happy!

It is such a treasure to be exposed to different cultures especially when it includes the traditional dress of that culture.  This family wore some of the most beautiful and colorful clothing you will ever see – a portrait photographer’s dream!!!  Before we get to that though let’s take a look at them in formal wear – a handsome bunch!

Family Photo

Not only are they a spectacular looking family but they were a joy to be around!  Very nice, fun and polite young men were these three boys!


We learned a lot getting to know these folks about the country they are originally from and we tried to make them promise to take us along the next time they make a trip to Africa…  haha!

Here is a behind-the-scenes vine of the proceedings once they changed clothes with the brown background…   🙂

…as well as a stunning result with the red background, and how gorgeous is this mom!

Family Photo

We can’t say enough about this family – we hope you’ve enjoyed these photos!

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