Kickin’ It With Blake

It’s all about the shoes….

High School Senior Portrait

We had a great time on this fantastic senior session with Blake!  We had the honor of photographing his sister two years ago and we were looking forward to this.  The weather was fine and the session went off without a hitch or any crazy stories unless you count the highly aggressive salesperson who came in and tried to sell me advertising despite the fact that we were obviously with a client, and then arguing with me when I said I wasn’t really interested.  Ugh.

High School Senior Picture

Meanwhile Blake has the style going on when it comes to the shoes and he has quite a collection.  He also has a sense of humor since once you’ve seen this video it’s hard not to joke around with anyone named Blake, Denice, Jacqueline, Aaron, Timothy, or the last name of O’Shaughnessy.  We were calling him “Ba-lak-ay” and his mom got in on the fun too.  🙂  Cool guy for sure and we had a lot of fun!

High School Senior PictureHigh School Senior Photo

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