“Perfect” Children!

Let me explain….   We have photographed plenty of little ones.  Newborns, toddlers, kids – and we love all of our little Frameables.  Often when we tell parents that our sessions are two hours they react by saying “there is no way my child will sit and pose for two hours”, and we reply saying “that’s why we need two hours!”  Sometimes toddlers need a little time to get comfortable, and for newborns in particular we block off 3 hours and try not to schedule anything right after just in case we need more time.  With newborns very often there are feedings that need to happen, diapers that need to be changed, and sometimes we need to wait it out while baby falls asleep so we can take photos while they are sleeping.  It’s not a perfect step by step choreography, but that’s okay – it doesn’t have to be.  We almost always get what we need even if the good stuff doesn’t start to happen right away…

Having said all that, there was one child that we photographed three years ago that we always remember as being so extraordinarily easy to work with as a newborn – we were able to get a ton of perfect shots and it didn’t take long at all.  Well, she just came back as a three year old with her 9 day old sister and sure enough, she did an incredible job again – this time with baby sis and the baby was amazing too!  These parents are 2 for 2!  Like the title of this post says – PERFECT CHILDREN!!!  We love love love these photos… and hope you enjoy them too!  🙂

Little SiblingsNewborn Baby PhotoNewborn PhotoSibling Cuteness

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