The Whole Family Was Here and it Was A Blast!

When the impetus for a session is to have both children with their spouses and all five grandchildren together it’s as good a reason as any, and when one of the children has a connection to Ally going back to college days that makes it even more fun for us!  What a joy for the grandparents to have their whole family together and captured to decorate their walls!

Multi-generational Family Portrait

We had some laughs on this one to be sure – if you follow us on facebook we shared a “photography tip” that arose from this session.  Ally needed to make the youngest kids laugh so she told them that she pooped in her diaper.  They were CRACKING UP at this announcement!  It was hilarious.  There was lots of talk about photography and music and all the adults were jumping around and acting silly to get the kids to smile at one point which was pretty funny….  We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed producing them!

Family PortraitFamily PortraitSiblings and Cousins

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